Pekka Potka's take on the A7R and the EM1

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Re: I've been saying it for years

SaltLakeGuy wrote:

and living by it certainly for the last 7 or so. You MUST "define your needs" very clearly before you commit to a system. Few around here ever ask themselves the question "what am I going to do with the file I shoot?" How large am I going to print? Do I crop a lot or not? What is my average ISO used in my shooting style? What is my most used lens and what F stop do I use it at? All very important, vital and salient questions for which there should be an answer provided prior to a commitment to a system. I should know. I have had significant collections of pro glass from both Canon and Nikon over the years with their pro and semi pro DSLR bodies. I just switched over to Mft a mere 4 years ago and just divested from all DSLR gear only 2 years ago. I ended up realizing I didn't NEED to have the larger gear to achieve the file sizes I needed for the largest of prints I produce, as well as not requiring high ISO's to get most of the shots I needed to get. With both shoulders having been rebuilt and a bad back I'm the perfect candidate I guess, for the mft system. They had my name on it

Indeed it makes no sense to head towards a system, with no idea of the use one is going to make of it. That is why I proposed to test the alpha FE system for Portrait and Landscape, leaving to m4/3 all the rest, and in my case, especially Street Shooting, or every  genre needing maximum reactiveness and stabilization.

Because of smart phones devouring everything, I bet it's the end of traditional system building. Most people will end up with bodies of different formats, and a few lenses each. We already see it in forums - traditional allegiances are broken. People jump from one to the other like headless chickens. And so Sony has promoted 3 or 4 different formats with almost no lenses!

Both consumers and companies are becoming v. cynical, new buyers being desperately sought, to the expense of traditional ones. In comparison Olympus is to be praised for 4/3 revival.

OTH digital makes proliferation of formats easy, and rapid prototyping the design of bodies v. short. So you end up in the paradox of new systems without lenses. What kind of brand fidelity or expectations can you have for a system with no lenses?


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