Pekka Potka's take on the A7R and the EM1

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Re: Pekka Potka's take on the A7R and the EM1

Steen Bay wrote:

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alolywu wrote:

Spot on… Sony should have put in IBIS.. and IMHO the DF is a monstrosity,

Agreed. Wonder how much Olympus would have charged to license it? Surely there are patents around it.

Interesting to read that IBIS nullifies the FF 2 stop advantage but of course in bright situations, the advantage comes back.

I wonder if it's that easy. A sensor four times the size, that's a lot more sensor to move to around. I'm not saying it's impossible. Maybe it is as easy as using the same tech. But four times the weight and size. Anything slightly misaligned would be magnified and more likely to show up in the images too. Maybe another advantage of having a smaller sensor was making IBIS easier to do. It might be one reason why we haven't seen it done on a FF camera yet.

How is a full frame sensor 4 times larger than a m43?

isn't m43 exactly 50% smaller then full frame? so full frame is simply 2x if it was 4x larger then f2 on ff would be like f8 (dof , for example) on m43. Which it is not.

A FF sensor has a 2x larger diagonal than a mFT sensor, and app. 4x larger area.

So you are say it is 400% Larger? Doesn't look like it...

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