How good is 24meg realy ?

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24 MP is pretty awesome I would say

Donald B wrote:

As every one knows I shoot with a k7 as well as some compacts, most of the test shots we see are of contrasty well difined detail subjects, the reason I havnt upgraded is due to the great rendering of skin tones that the k7 produces, I shot a dance school this weekend using the 7100 and k7 using both jpeg and flash wb on both cameras, the d7100 did a great job overall but I have to wonder is 24 meg to much or was the 7100 designed for detail rather than texture detail the photos looked fabulous but people are buying these cameras to do large crops ?.

these are %300 crops

Your comparison is flawed in several different ways. Four major problems:

a) one of the images seem to be a bit out of focus or suffer from motion blur (or possibly a combination of both).

b) you are comparing the output from two different jpeg engines, without saying anyting about their respective settings. And Nikon jpegs are well known to be soft compared to those of other manufacturers when shot with default values. To properly compare, use raw files, and process the images the same way.

c) the images are shot with two different superzoom lenses (who tend to have all sorts of optical issues) at different focal lengths which make the comparison a bit unpredictable to say the least.

d) when looking at 300%, much of what you see actually depends more on the interpolation done by the software, then by the cameras who initially produced the images. Comparing two images from the same camera, shot with the same lens, with the same settings at 300% can be very useful, but in a situation like this it is more likely to cause confusion then clarity.

Look, I can understand you are not happy with the results of the D7100 in this instance, but I am pretty sure you get the cause and effect a bit wrong. It is not the number of (or size of) pixels who cause the issue you see - they are most likely caused by a mix of other reasons unrelated to the actual sensors involved.

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