Pekka Potka's take on the A7R and the EM1

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Re: Pekka Potka's take on the A7R and the EM1

"I wanted to love A7R, and it is still quite tempting, but I simply need my depth of field. No image stabilization and bigger sensor leads into a lot higher ISOs than I am now using with E-M1."

ummm... why did you want to love it and why is it still quite tempting?   I think I missed that part of the write up.   About like me saying..   I really wanted to love the 55mm lens but the lack of wide angle capability was a deal breaker.

And if you need higher ISOs you have them.   If you need a stabilized 50mm ff equiv lens you have it.   And if you need 36mp and/or shallow DoF you have it.

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