New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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Re: re: nothing, zero, nil, zilch

jpr2 wrote:
absolutely nothing, zero, nil, zilch = not interested!! As it is right now I'm pretty happy with the N-calssic, period.

But EVEN it the big S. [...] they can very easily spoil it all for me by electing to pack such a N7 mk-II into either a a3k-like or A7-like package

Sony hasn't said they are abandoning the NEX form factor. Introducing other new models to appeal either to aesthetic tastes (A-3000, a marketing ploy reaching for those who NEX doesn't appeal to) or new functionality and market segments (RX1, RX100, RX10, A7) doesn't mean they are about to abandon a chunk of the camera market they enjoy a hefty chunk of.

Why waste so much angst, bold faced type, and exclamation marks, on worrying about a problem or situation that doesn't exist?

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