How good is 24meg realy ?

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Sorry, but that is BS

lorenzo de medici wrote:

I'll take a good 12MP sensor over a crappy 24MP sensor any day including Sunday.

Yes, a good sensor tend to be better then a crappy sensor, and that has nothing at all to do with megapixel counts

I didn't have the patience to read all the replies, maybe I'm repeating what everyone else said. If so, I apologize.

Well you are repeating one very common misconception, that is for sure

Compare the images from a Nikon D4, D610, and D800. The D4 with the fewest MP (16) produces the best image. The D800 with the most MP (36) produces the worst image. The D610 is in the middle. It's also the cheapest one, which is why I use it.

I have used all three cameras quite a lot (as well as my own D3 and D3s plus a load of other cameras - testing cameras is part of what I do for a living) and what you are saying is just plain and simply wrong.

All three cameras produce very good image quality, and overall and any way you look at it the D800 produces the best of them, hands down. Now, in rather special situations, like at iso 12800 and upwards I agree the D4 has an slight edge, but only ever so slightly, but in any other image situation, the pecking order is precisely the opposite of what you wrote.

So the answer to your question is, yes. The main advantage to higher MP is the ability to crop images. But it comes at a price.

The main advantage of higher MP is having more information available when creating the final image. That extra information can be used for more cropping, or for printing bigger, but also for better noise reduction, better looking gradients, more lens corrections and simply to produce a more pleasing image rendition in the end.

I was out shooting fall colors today with the D600 and D7100. It's easier for me to carry two cameras than one body and two lenses. But back home looking at the images, I was cursing the noise in the D7100 shots. But I don't shoot landscapes on tripods. (Not that there's anything wrong with that) Handheld and 450mm. That's when a really good sensor pays off, regardless of how many MP are on it.

Knowledge of what you are doing, and how to utilize your gear also pays of greatly ... I can bet a fair amount of money that you had not shoot equivalent images when you cursed about the noise of those from the D7100. Because if you really had, they should be next to indistinguishable in terms of noise. My guess is you have made the all so common mistake of shooting with a deeper DOF with the D7100, and forget to take that into account when you compare.

Say you can go to a fine French restaurant, where they will give you just barely enough to eat, but everything will be exquisite. Or you can go to one of these places where they give you a huge plate of food, but you could have made it better at home. Which do you prefer?

Well, generally speaking, I prefer a restaurant where they know what they are doing, just as I prefer posts who write about things they understand

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