Dual FL Camera Strategy

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Its still a 35 mm lens, it wont give you the same perspective as a true 50mm. It would be like using a 25mm and cropping it 2x and saying its the same as a 50mm shot.. the framing is the same, but, the perspective isnt.

So, you can crop a lot.. but, if you really want that natural perspective that a 50mm give, there is really no substitute for the real thing. Esp. on lenses that were not meant to be used on crop sensors.

pmow wrote:

Part of the reason I was really excited about the Metabones Speed Boosters and the Lens Turbos is speed, sure. But the main factor for me is the focal length change.

I've noticed in the last few years that I like shooting with an EVF, and I like the 35mm and 50mm FLs on the NEX cameras. The lens turbo allows me to essentially carry a "pancake lens" in my pocket, converting 35 to 50 and vice versa. It's worked really well for street or casual photography depending on the scene.

With the A7R, my intention is to continue this but without having to carry around the adapter. My NEX-6 is roughly the same resolution as the center of the 36MP zone, so cropping in post or shooting in crop mode would give me what I have now in a "nifty fifty".

Does anyone else do this? I've been thinking more and more about 85mm but until I can really play with the A7R I can't say if I'd really use it.

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