New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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Re: re: nothing, zero, nil, zilch

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

SQLGuy wrote:

What could they realistically do for a 7-replacement right now? Weather sealing?

what can they do???

  • [a] tighten up their OSPDAF routines,
  • and [b] beef them up such that the N7 mk-II would be capable to capture even most ambitious of dynamic action shooting/tracking
  • very unlikely, though - alas!!


Focal plane PDAF will take its time to mature and be a full replacement for mirrors. Until then, mirror remains your solution.

And If it were to take couple of years, what would be your take if Sony chooses to keep NEX-7 replacement out until then?

absolutely nothing, zero, nil, zilch = not interested!! As it is right now I'm pretty happy with the N-calssic, period.

But... only for exclusively MF captures = AF on any of the MILCs I've tried is just not good enough, and Sony's MILCs are leaders in the "not good enough" category as far as I'm concerned.

So, until that happens and [fingers crossed] my N7 will not break down, get stolen, perishes in a fire or a flood, etc. I'll have a comfort to wait.

However, it is not exactly an easy wait, as I do estimate that about 30-40% of all photo ops I encounter are being lost on a daily basis due to the lack of adequate AF'ing on N7, hence the longing for the N7 mk-II as specified above!!

But EVEN it the big S. will finally deliver such truly efficient and proficient OSPDAF, they can very easily spoil it all for me by electing to pack such a N7 mk-II into either a a3k-like or A7-like package (if only we stay within easy confines of what have been on show as of now) = again not interested in either a midget-DSLR or a false-pentaprism humps, they are both way too huge in comparison to the N7-classic shape !!


I couldn't care less about whether the EVF goes in the middle as in A7 or to the side as in NEX-6/7, whether the camera is shaped like a brick or like classic SLRs and a few range finders, as long as it favors minimum air space (as in all E-mount bodies except A3000).

But as far as AF goes, you are discussing with the wrong guy... One who primarily shoots MF and if feels the need to shoot AF, considers mirrored system to be optimal at this time. If NEX has to perform the duty, and it does, I take LAEA2 with A mount lens.

But on the rare occasions I have used native AF, I can't say I have missed much. I understand the limitations and work accordingly. I dont try to assume tracking will be as good as it is on my SLT or NEX w/SLT adapter.

But, from what I have seen with A7, Sony has clearly advanced its native AF speed even on FF sensor so that should translate to better AF on lesser models with smaller sensors too. Take a look at RX10 review... CDAF appears to be a non issue largely due to smaller sensor being at play.

Even with these improvements, I would advise to keep your expectations realistic and enjoy the tool you have.

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