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Dennis wrote:

MoreorLess wrote:

I'd argue the reality of the mirrorless market is that its key growth area is aiming between the DSLR and the compact. Basically offering a larger sensor but with the useability of a compact, I.E. no viewfinder, fewer controls.

I'd disagree. I think that mirrorless has floundered in large part because that's what manufacturers have been offering until recently. Only so many p&s'ers want to "upgrade" to a bigger p&s. Most look at Canon Rebels and Nikon D3200s for $550 with a viewfinder and get that a DSLR is a "serious" camera, and wonder why they'd want a $550 point & shoot with a lens sticking out of it. More cameras like the Panasonic G series and Sony A3000 are needed, at least in the US, for mirrorless to make inroads. (I think Sony got too cheap with the A3000 which is selling for under $400 with a lens, but has reportedly terrible LCD and EVF).

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As far as I can make out the A3000 has been a massive flop in the US, certainly its way way down in amazon's sales chart.

The problem is as you say to sell at that price its a really crappy camera compared to entry level DSLR's. Unlike the ultra small bodies that camera simply has nothing to offer but a low price for low quality, I could pay slightly more and get a D3100.

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