Pekka Potka's take on the A7R and the EM1

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Re: Pekka Potka's take on the A7R and the EM1

Peng Bian wrote:

marike6 wrote:

CharlesB58 wrote:

Stopped reading after this gem: "In my mind Nikon did Hasselblad Lunars with Df. An ordinary DSLR coated into a fancy cupcake of dials everywhere."

The comparison isn't remotely close considering the Hasselblad Lunar is just a Sony NEX7 with different styling and a wood grip for $7000 while the Nikon Df built from the ground up by Nikon, modeled after an earlier version of their own classic cameras.

I don't know anyone who thinks of exposure dials as "fancy cupcake dials", but that analogy was downright silly considering how fast those "cupcake dials" are to work with out in the field.

But I did skim to the conclusion which was fairly predictable: the reviewer couldn't get on with the A7R because he needs his DOF. Do you think it's possible that he doesn't know that smaller apertures will increase DOF on all cameras?

If you'd actually read, instead of skimmed, you would know what he meant by needing his depth of field. It was because the ibis on the EM1 allowed him to shoot at a smaller aperture and lower iso for a given shutter speed than the A7.

Again, he's assuming that all photographers shoot handheld landscapes and scenics like him when the fact is they don't. The number one requirement of a landscape photographer is a tripod because of the small apertures required to get proper foreground to background focus.

Perhaps the next time you attempt a clever rejoinder it should be supported by actually reading the article?

Oh, I wan't trying to be clever and I did read the article, just not as intently as intently as I might have. I was just pointing out that the author is placing an arbitrary limitation on the A7r by focusing on handholding and he is exaggerating importance on IBIS in order to minimize the 2 EV advantage of the A7r. But as I said above, IBIS only works for static subjects which means it's value is of limited significance for general photography.

And frankly I think a more balance, honest comparison would have served his readership better. But he is not even trying to hide his bias for m43 gear, not even a little bit. But it's all good. Not in the market for either camera, just a casual observer.

You know that he owns and loves both his em5 and d800 right? I don't think he has a bias for m43.

No I didn't know that, but that makes sense.

All I'm saying it the author seems to exaggerate the strengths of the EM-1 (deep DOF, IBIS) while he downplays the strengths of the A7r (2 EV high ISO advantage is only negated by IBIS if using non-stabilized Sony lenses or shooting handheld).

To me clear I'm not a fan of the Sony at all, but I just thought he could have done a bit less preaching to the choir, his mostly m43 readership.  That's all, no big deal.  There are both nice cameras for sure.

Any high iso advantage of the A7 is completely eliminated as soon as the lens on the E-M1 is stopped down.

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