Please help! Restore pictures from Low Level formated Card.

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Re: Please help! Restore pictures from Low Level formated Card.

vlab wrote:

I formatted low level SDHC card with very important pictures from the Trip to Thailand. The Card was formatted in the camera.

Is it any software online that can restore pictures? don't care about the money, just the reliable provider.

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your situation. After a low-level format has been done on a card, nothing can be restored from the card.

I wish to share this thought... We spend quite a bit of money on cameras and lenses, but most of us tend to be "cheap" on storage devices -- both SD/CF cards in camera and disk drives managed by computers. Cameras and lenses can be replaced or upgraded, but the images on the storage devices cannot be. Let's invest in multiple best-quality cards and redundant back-up drives.

If we minimize the need to format and reuse a card, we also minimize the chance of erasing important images on the card.

Although I've never used a camera with on-the-spot WiFi image backup capability, your incident prompts me to consider such capability more seriously.

Best wishes!

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