D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Re: If this were true Re: D610 vs. 5D Mark III

Mikael Risedal wrote:

so explain what you are saying so I understand

  1. are the CFA in Canon steep as in Nikon.

This is irrelevant. The question is not how steep they are but how well you can approximate the human color vision, under different lighting, in the colors that matter (which is highly subjective). Very steep color filters will do a terrible job at that.

  1. is the color accuracy equal in 5500K from Canon , now Im talking about the CFA

Hard to say and even harder to define. DXO do measure the Sensitivity Metamerism Index, and it is somewhat higher for Nikon in general but not always, for example the 5D2 has a higher indices than the D610 under daylight and tungsten light. And this is just one number which does not tell us what happens for different colors, and for those "which matter".

  1. Are there a difference in the red CFA

There are differences in all CFAs but Canon's is closer to the human vision. Which does not automatically make it better. The cones of your eyes cannot separate well red from green either.

  1. Has Canon thinned out their color filters to enhance light sensitivity

Nobody knows. If they did that, this would lower the noise with RAW measurements but would increase it in direct comparisons because the color matrix would be "big". Also, have you actually measured the physical thickness of the filters?

  1. Has Canon experimented with the green channel and had two different shades of green for example in 7D ?

I do not know, and do not care since for me, the 7D has the worst sensor of the newer Canon cameras. Every two cameras from the same manufacturer have different CFA filters, Nikon included.

return when you have the right answers

Do not patronize me. You are hardly the ultimate authority when it comes to right answers.

BTW, did you read that wiki page? Do it.

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