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Re: Minolta SLRs/DSLRs and Sony DSLRs/DSLTs have IBIS

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I'm sure patents play into it. I have no idea if technical reasons play into it. The reason Nikon/Canon/Minolta(Sony) choose to use lens stabilization first is already clear. They developed that during the film era. You can't have IBIS for film cameras, lens stabilization was the only way to go, and they've put a lot of R&D into it. When Oly started over with 43s and weren't bound to their old lenses or film they could work on new technology like IBIS.

Actually, Minolta never had ILIS in any of their SLR or DSLR lenses. With film Minolta didn't have any kind of IS. With all of the Minolta DSLRs (7D, 5D) they had IBIS and all of the Sony DSLRs and DSLTs also have IBIS.

I actually knew nothing about Minolta so I was guessing. I should of just stuck to Nikon and Canon or confirmed my facts first. Thanks. That would explain why Sony has done more with IBIS than N&C though. Thanks for the correction.

No problem.  I used Minolta film SLRs from 1976 to 2002.  Then in 2002 I bought a Minolta D7i and started using digital for everything.  In 2005 I bought a Konica Minolta 7D DSLR with IBIS.  I have had 3 Canon DSLRs and 2 Sony DSLRs with IBIS (A700, A100).  I still have the A700 and A100, but they don't get used much anymore since I usually use my E-M5, G3, Canon G15, and Canon S95.

Yes, Nikon and Canon have never had IBIS in any of their SLRs (film or digital).

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