Mirrorless vs DSLR

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Re: Some differences and the appeal of mirrorless...

I think you're right on this, although I'm looking at it from Europe where mirrorless is arguably more established than in the US. Mirrorless will only become a stable and growing segment by getting DSLR users to buy in (whether to replace or complement DSLRs), not by getting the (ex) P&S-only crowd to upgrade. The latter are mostly all lost to phone cameras already. For this to be possible, mirrorless needs to offer significantly smaller size/weight, fully featured focusing (i.e., including good tracking, at least in reasonable light), and "good enough" IQ (there can be different sensor sizes to cater to different levels of "good enough" criteria). This would still leave the issue of losing the optical VF. Significantly higher EVF refresh rate will mitigate that to a large extent for many shooting situations (resolution is quite high in some of the newer ones already).

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