New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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Unfortunately very unlikely (but that never stops you saying these things)

How are Sony going to explain to their customers that FE-series lenses are to be used with the A7 and above, and E-series lenses with lower denominated Ax cameras?

Itis easy, all the FE series lenses are 100% compatable with both FF and APS, so these lense can be used on all the mirrorless cameras. The buyers of the FF cameras will know what lenses to buy.

Not necessarily

I still remember trying an A850 in a shop when it was first released and the assitant putting a DT (ie. APS-C) lens on it

If you look at some of the questions on this forum you will see that there is still a certain amount of confusion, even here, about this point

Well here you are wrong, even the APS lenses worked on the A850, but only in crop mode. Canon has the same with their DSLR lenses, there are APS lenses and FF lenses, but they are not compatable... Nikon has that same "problem"But you only see it as a problem for Sony...

And it is exactly the same for the A-mount cameras, where the FF lenses work on APS cameras and on FF cameras.

Except the FF lenses will be bigger and more expensive than necessary for APS-C and maybe not offer the same IQ

Well look again at the DSLRs I own a A700, I use only FF lenses on it as those lenses better fits my kind of use. Yes they are larger and heavier but they give me what I want, so I use them.

Sony E35/1.8 vs Zeiss FE35/2.8 : how do you explain easily the price difference to somebody chosing for an APS-C A5 and/or an FF A7 ?

Well I don't have to do I? That is for the shop owners. And they can easely do it, telling about the sensor in the camera, the IQ, the Zeiss badge etc. No problem there....

That is why A5000 for APS-C and A7 for FF make more marketing sense. FE lenses for Ax and E lenses for Axxxx

You are telling that story, but is it true, lets look at the SLT line of Sony. There are FF and APS cameras in the same numbering line (A99=FF, A77=APS) So if it is no problem there, why should it be a problem in E-mount?

I do think sony will use the Ax for FF and maybe the Axxxx for APS, but that does not tell us anything about the formfactor of the camera, as it can be that the Axxxx can have two formfactors. It is also possible that Sony uses the Axxx name for the RF style cameras (there is no current Axx DSLR in the shops, so who cares the naming doubles? and they can use a name like A505, A606 or so make the difference clear)

When have you previously seen Sony use two different form factors in the same series? The SLT cameras were called Axx to differentiate themselves from the Axxx series OVF cameras

Well we do not know what the naming plans for Sony will be do we? So it could be that the Ax line is for FF mirrorless cameras, the AXX is for the SLT cameras, the Axxx line for the RF style cameras and the Axxxx line for the DSLR look alike mirrorless cameras.

Axx and Axxx are already reserved for A-mount

What current A-mount uses the Axxx name? There is none!

There would be too much confusion if Sony started using those denominations for Emount now

But is is still possible (maybe not likely for us, but possible)

If Sony were planning to do as you suggest then the NEX-5T would have been released as the A5, or maybe the A3 if they planned an in-between high-end APS-C version. It wasn't... it was scheduled as the A5000 (indicating the Axxxx is the APS-C range) and then renamed back to NEX (indicating that the Axxxx range will not contain Rangefinder cameras)

Wellyou keep on telling this as a fact, but the fact is that we all don't know...

Rubbish. The 'temporary' existance of the A5000 followed by it being renamed as the NEX-5T is clearly documented. It is fortunate that we do have clear evidence as otherwise you would claim it was simply a figment of my imagination

Not the name of a camera is what I'm talking about, but the "fact" that the Nex 5t was released and not as the A5000 tells us that no Axxxx camera will be rangefinder style...

We don't know what the naming will be. We don't know why the A5000 was on the prototype/preproduction model. It is possible that it was there for the reason Sony did not wanted people to know what that camera was replacing, maybe it was there, but Sony wanted the new name on a camera that was more of an update then the 5t was, maybe that name was out there as a joke.

Oh please... are those reasons really the best you can come up with?

The truth is I don't know and you don't know it either.

Now that is true...

So why are you in other places lying and reassuring the feebly-minded amongst the forum participants that further Rangefiner cameras will be released, even to the extent of saying the following in this thread:

Quote: The simple answer is: The will not! They will go on comming with RF styled cameras, but will add the DSLR styled cameras too!

Are you desperate to get those 'like' clicks from the 'Sony faithfull' or do you just enjoy being disingenuous?

Well I said, and I do bgelieve, that a new rangefinder styled camera will come out. I do not know the name, as I explained here...

Where have I said that it is certain Rangefinder cameras will not be released? Nowhere...

Well you say it in the first post in this thread and in the title:

New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

You write new APS-C bodies will have... you don't write .... may have, making it a fact (for you) that there will be no RF styled cameras againt with APS sensor...

and in your post:

Do you love Sony enough to suffer lugging around an A3000 type monster around as your next camera?

You suggest here that when you want to use a Sony mirrorless camera that it will look like the A3000 and not like the RF styled cameras, and not like the A7(r)...

I have simply said that there are rather convincing factors pointing to a probable change of body style from Sony and that they ought to issue some form of statement reassuring their customers that there will be continuity of product release

Why what other brand assures their custommers about the future? Does Canontell that the EOS-M will have a successor? (they do not give any sign there will, no new lenses, no hint of a successor at all, and I think that EOS-M users have more reason to doubt if Canon will come with a new camera then We hav to doubt that Sony will come with a new RF styled Nex)

Every post I make is almost guaranteed of a 'Nevercat' or 'Einsteins Ghost' (the original must be 'delighted'...) response full of imbecilic non-logic and desperate attempts to find a reason, any reason, to suggest everything I say is nonsense.

So when you are spreading this rumor over and over again, nobody may answer and give their opinion? You are the only one with the freedom of speech? And calling my arguments in the way you do, makes your arguments look even less true, think about that....

I really wonder why... Simple denial? Intellectual inferiority complex that envies individual thought?

So your thoughts are "indivdual" and mine are not? Or are you suffering of the complex and projecting it on me?

A belief system that places a consumer electronics company at the centre of the universe to somehow be protected from infidels? Very strange... almost as strange as the NEX-5T release

To know for sure we have to wait till the next cameras will come and see what name it will get...

Or Sony could simply tell us that there will be more rangefinders produced in future... which would be very easy and painless for them

But will you realy believe them? I think bringing out that camera will show better what they want to do with that camera style....

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