New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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Re: Don't panic

justmeMN wrote:

There is no reason sony will break its best selling series

If Sony market research indicates that a DSLR-shape will increase sales, then that's what they will do.

The elimination of the NEX name, and the shape of the A3000, demonstrates that Sony is open to change.

Besides, megacorps do the darnedst things.

Nobody, other than Sony, knows what they are going to do, and Sony isn't talking.

All true, but Sony also seems to be a company that likes to have the first, the smallest, the lightest, etc. The original NEX 3 and 5, the RX-1, and the A7/A7R are all good examples of this. I also think they like to diversify and cover their bets.

For entry level P&S upgraders, the DSLR shape probably will attract some non-Sony customers that the NEX-3 line did not, but Sony won't want to give up the customers it already has brought in with the 3/5/6/7 either. I expect they'll still want to offer the smallest APS-C ILC and the smallest APS-C ILC with a viewfinder in addition to A3000'ish things to appeal to people who are looking for their first "DSLR."

Probably part of what's bugging them right now is that there isn't that much of a need for a 7 upgrade in terms of hardware. The 24MP sensor is still high-end for APS-C and the body is quite nice. They could maybe improve the EVF a bit, tighten up the Tri-Navi wheels, and redo the menus and firmware, but these are all pretty minor and would be seen as such. What could they realistically do for a 7-replacement right now? Weather sealing?

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