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Re: A monstrosity? Yeah sure.

DarkShift wrote:

Sekundogenitur wrote:

DarkShift wrote:

Nikon has some weak links in its lens range, like the mediocre PC-E 24mm Nikkor which is optically much worse than current Canon offering...

If you have read or heard about a mediocre quality of the PC-E 24 mm Nikkor you can calm yourself - the optical (and mechanical) quality is excellent.

Really it is not as good as Canon's TS-E 24 L II. Center sharpness is OK, but it can't shift to extremes without heavy wignetting. That means Nikkor has smaller imaging circle than Canon. It has also more CA and distortions.

Last but not least its shift & tilt axis orientation is fixed and is not as easily changed than in TS-E 24mm.

And then there's also TS-E 17mm

Well, I know his pretty compilation of test results.

My experience is based on moderate shift settings and f-stops between 8 and 11. I never had an issue with vignetting, and the image resolution of the D800E is limited by the pixel grid rather than by the optical performance of the PC-E lenses.

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