New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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Re: 120-->35: about "negativity"

jpr2 wrote:

120-->35: I've just read all the posts in the sub-thread you've created - and I must say I'm disappointed: it seems to derail an interesting exchange of ideas into sort of emotional mudslinging contest (very, very mild one by the standards of observed here mob-lynching some minority opinions, and yet so it seems to evolve).

I was just warning about negative speculation. I actually share a preference for NEX shaped cameras and have posted in other threads to say both APS-C and RF shape are popular and likely to continue one way or another due to market forces and price ranges.

Who are we to decree that some posts of our opponents are negatively charged? Totally subjective a criterion, and even more so if their authors jump into shoes of self-appointed advocates for a huge corporation

Far from decreeing, I am reminding other advocates of RF shape that it does not help us to frighten other users by saying or implying "Sony has already decided to leave the RF shape", or "other posters are in denial" (these are not direct quotes) when there is no concrete evidence. Things will become a lot more concrete when the next round of E-mount cameras are announced and real evidence of Sony's plans emerges.


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