"I am selling my Nikon gear"

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Re: "I am selling my Nikon gear"

With apologies to all you Fuji folk for pushing my Oly falvoured brand of mirrorless fanboi-ism.
I though this post came out of the Nikon FX forum.

bigpigbig wrote:

I have read this on many occasions. Most recently on FR main page.

I don't get it.

Do you need to get it?
Someone else has decided that something else will work for them.
It's not your decision - the consequences in no way affect you*.

You're still allowed to keep your Nikon FX gear with inbuilt dust stirrer - uhm - mirror.

Or are you worried that the grass really IS greener over there?

Unless you are strapped for cash and REALLY can only afford to keep one system,

why would you give up all the opportunities lost by shooting a mirrorless camera only?

A lot of people may not lose any opportunities with a mirrorless system, if indeed that is what they are switching too.

What can a D800 do that a capable mirrorless system can't?
Tracking AF - and 38MP.

If you don't need 38MP - and really most people don't - and you don't need tracking AF, what opportunity do you lose?

OK a little DR.
Of course if DR and IQ generally are an issue why give up the opportunities lost by shooting MF?

Unless you are really strapped for cash. Most normal folk can afford an MF, full range of accessorise and a D800 for kiddy snapshots and a pair of EX-1s to use as ballast for the tripod - can't they?

Which many people who view photographs - a lot of people that take photos too - won't miss.

in your list there are very few things that a capable mirrorless camera system can't do pretty much as well.

I note also that you have created a list that does have a certain huge DSLR bias.

By which I mean you don't have any "took a photo of a white board because I am too lazy to take notes" or "gosh my cat is cute" "gosh my puppy is cute" "gosh my child/grandchild/nephew/niece/etc is cute" or "this is what I had for lunch" type photos.

While I find myself more and more grabbing the Fuji, there are still situations that it comes no where near my D800e.

For examples:

1) I just shot a dance performance in a theater. I shot a 70-200 f2.8 with VR at 1/400, f2.8, ISO1600 in AF-C 3D tracking for focus. It was dark and the AF system was near instantaneous and capable of tracking for continuous shots. The Fuji system has no lens or camera even close to being capable of this.

No - a mirrorless probably won't do that well.
Though the jury is still out on the EM1 with 43 lenses.
By the next iteration of Oly M43 or the release of the full range of Oly Pro lenses I suspect that will be very little in the realm of AF tracking that mirrorless won't be able to do fairly well either. But right now yeah mirrorless is prolly licked.

2) I shot a focus bracketed macro set of some watches tethered to a computer with live view and remote control.

EM1 and iPad for control.

3) I used the SB900 flashes set up in two groups and controlled them (power and ratio) all from the camera as well as getting excellent results from them in TTL auto mode.

If you mean flash control by CLS the yeah any recent high-ish end M43 can do that.
The Oly flashes admitedly have lower GNs though.

However this is a matter of degrees - even with higher GNs of say SB910s, there's only so far you can go with CLS.

4) I had my Fuji at a waterfall and couldn't get the shot my friend who had a weatherproofed 5D MKII got.

Try and EM5 or EM1.


I've looked but I have not seen an equivalent D800 video.
I have seen somewhat more "timid" D600 videos though, so the D800, can maybe match the Olys for weatherproofing, but I suspect you'd need to go to D3/D4 to get similar to the EM1 standard.

I probably wouldn't go there with an XPro1 or X100 either.

5) I often find myself cropping a 6mp image and printing an 8x10 from very small details in the original shot.

Just carry a lens that has the reach you need and compose your shot.
Oh yeah - you'd need a porter to do that with an FF camera.

Just by the way - Oly has an SHG 300mm constant ƒ/2.8 about the same size as the Nikon, but with equivalent 600mm reach.
How big is Nikon's 600mm ƒ/2.8?
Dang - there isn't one, is there?

Oh yeah I'm not 100% sure but I think the 1.4x tele fits it too.

6) A bear was chasing me and I threw the D800e and 200 f2 at it to scare it off. The camera was better off than the bear.

As is often the case with "...I don't understand why people don't shoot the same gear as me..." folks, sounds like you have more money than sense.
That's both a good thing and a compliment.
But I'm not sure I'd bet on you for a longevity competition.

In any case, as much as I love the Fuji XE-1 (and will love the XE-2 even more) it is NOT a replacement for a DSLR in every case.

Though, I do smile every time when I pick up my backpack with two XE-1's (one infrared) and 5 lenses, filters, cleaning tools, small tripod, etc and it weighs less than the D800e with grip and 200 f2.

Yeah I smile when I go out with my EM5 round my neck, 2 spare lenses in pockets and a pocket tripod.
I don't have an FX camera but going out with the DX equivalent -well that's why my D7000 only comes out for certain events.

And last time I was at the cricket I shot about 15 raws in under a second and got a great series of some batsmen going down on one knee for a sweep shot.

Look I'd like an FX camera and lens set - and yeah DSLRs do have some advantages, but in reality for most folks you lose nothing by not having one.

Hey - horses for courses - your system works for you - but for a lot of people who don't need AF tracking and aren't shooting for billboards a mirrorless system is just fine - and maybe can do some things a high end FX can't.

You left out shallow DOF shots - every one who knocks mirrorless brings up that ol' chestnut - though I guess the new Sonys kinda shoot that down too - or would if there were a few more lenses for them.

* Goverment Warning
Consequences of large numbers of camera users abandoning high end FF flapping mirrors may effect you.

In the long term a move to mirrorless - even in pro level FF cameras seems inevitable and we probably need to deal with that emotionally - the sooner we start doing so, the less the hurt will be.

All those turncoats cowards who are abandoning the faith may encourage camera makers to accelerate the move toward mirrorless systems. On the upside you'll either be able to buy all the D800s you want for $50 at the local pawn shop like you can with film cameras - or the price will go through the roof and yours will be that much more valuable.

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