D7100 dust or oil on sensor?

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Re: D7100 dust or oil on sensor?

jtan163 wrote:

I hate to be the downer dude, but have any D7100 shot any small aperture e.g. f22 or better photos and if so, is there any sign of excessive dust or oil concentrations on the sensor especially in the top/left quadrant?

D7000s had them, D600s had them, I'm very curious to know if the D7100 has them, since they are apparently based on the same basic platform?

Although I do recall reading somewhere that the D7100 might have a different shutter module

Anyway be very keen to hear from D7100 owners wither way.

I hope they've licked it. I want one of the dang things.

Interesting. I was goggling about this issue and got to this thread.

I had a D90 for 3 and a half years, and did not get so much dust on my sensor, as I got now on the D7100 sensor, after only two weeks.

And I took the D90 to the desert, trip and where ever.

It seems like something is really not working well for the D7100 sensor remaining clean...

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