D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Re: D610 vs. 5D Mark III

ron purdy wrote:

I understand that away from the deep shadows it is negligible, and I understand that the thread degenerated into an extreme shadow pulling to prove the difference.

Once shadows are pulled, as I needed to do in the original photo of the kid with curly hair, then they become midtones. The hair in that image is midtones, and it's a mess now because of noise there is no detail or sharpness there at all. Agreed?

Darker parts of the image should be able to become lighter without drama or huge noise/banding issues. So, this is about the midtones as well as shadows.

The only problem is that your sample was badly executed at the first place regardless of what camera you used. We have seen tons of those extreme-shadow-pulling games where Sony sensor win hands down, nobody disagreed that.

Only issue is that do you truly believe this is the right way for photography? Then good luck, your D610 certainly does much better, but still crappy after you pushing up deep dark shadow 4-6 stops back, just lesser of evil.

For that particular photo, either you could compose differently from different angle (not against a bright background) or simply using a flash to fill-flash regardless of what camera you use.

My posted sample is just a test shot as I said. I usually don't shoot under such contrast scenes that no more than 5% of my total photos. I'd not even keep it but just a record of the hotel I used to live as I said but not the one I will print and hang on my wall Nevertheless after properly processed, it's not bad even viewed at 100% cropped size. If you took D610 at the same scene, I have no doubt you will have more details and cleaner in deep dark areas of the tree (I don't want to open deep dark areas completely on my taste), but not really much better if we view from entire photo as a whole.

Sure I'd like Canon will develop such sensor in near future in future 6D2 or 5D4, but meanwhile I do appreciate Canon traditional advantages in more pleasing color tonality (midtone), skin tone and better lenses that I use (two f/2.8 zoom, 17 TS-E and super tele lenses).  I use my 5D3 in variety of photos from studio, portrait, to landscape, to airshow and wildlife and I am happy in general.  I am sure your D610 will win in such extreme shadow pushing area but not in much broader areas of photography in general.

I agreed as other said your OP is misleading.  You're not talking D610 vs 5D3 in general in features, in variety of photos you can leverage from each camera.  Instead you slipped into the old beaten-to-death topic of extreme shadow pushing that we have seen enough and debated enough.

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