D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Re: D610 vs. 5D Mark III

I am GLAD Nikon is getting better cameras, so it will MAKE Canon do the same!

The D600 with the dirt problem.. UGH..

I will say, I do agree with the Canon having better skin tones

If I was a PURE landscape shooter, I would own Nikon for the cameras, but some of Canon's lenses are amazing.

Slideshow Bob wrote:

I'm not doubting how happy you are with the camera (and I'll admit that I haven't used a D610), but for "people" photographs, I'd expect the 5DIII to have better skin tones. Of the cameras I've used (Canon, Nikon, and Fuji), I'd rate the Nikon last for skin tones. I always thought the Nikons were great for mechanical stuff, and I use them when shooting aircraft. But IMHO, unless you want to get into colour calibration cards, Canon does people better.

Or am I missing something with Nikon's latest DSLR?


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