New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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what is becoming increasingly more and more obvious:

  • there seem to be three groups of prospective users for slightly [or actually not so slightly - the outward differences are pretty significant] APS-C E-mount bodies,
  • each of them declaring different preferences, exactly like on these pics. above:
  • [a] keep the current N7-like form;
  • [b] give us a midget-DSLR;
  • or [c] we'd love that the new APS-C will be given A7-like shape = significantly bigger, but perhaps with a larger LCD and improved eye-relief optics for VF;

so the question is - not technically, as whatever would be possible to be tightly packed into the [a] should face no problems for redistribution of components into [b] or [c] - do they have the resources and logistics to deal with three distinct lines of APS-Cs??

And the political will to expand the market into diverging directions?? I think that logistics and marketing will be the key areas, but then I'm not a specialist


Sony chose two, then three APS-C forms: Small (3/5), larger (6/7) and DSLR form (A3000). And now, there is another, with FF (A7/A7r). I would bet on two E-mount lines, as I have done before:
Ax series: These would be NEX replacements, now also including FF.
Axxxx series: Same as Ax series but with DSLR form.
The Axxxx series will likely see lower emphasis unless demand necessitates. Ax series is guaranteed to continue the thin and tightly packed form. However, as I alluded to earlier, we will see three sizes: A7/A7r representing one (possibly to be followed by A9 at some point), NEX-6/7 replacement and NEX-3/5 replacement.
I would bet against Sony reusing A7/7r body for 6/7 replacement. That leaves two possibilities:
- 6/7 replacement continue the NEX-6/7 form which is larger than 3/5 body to accomodate EVF.
- they go smaller to 3/5 body size but now the EVF would have to go in the middle as in A7.
Either way, you're looking at at least three distinct bodies within Ax series.

Unfortunately very unlikely (but that never stops you saying these things)

How are Sony going to explain to their customers that FE-series lenses are to be used with the A7 and above, and E-series lenses with lower denominated Ax cameras?

When have you previously seen Sony use two different form factors in the same series? The SLT cameras were called Axx to differentiate themselves from the Axxx series OVF cameras

If Sony were planning to do as you suggest then the NEX-5T would have been released as the A5, or maybe the A3 if they planned an in-between high-end APS-C version. It wasn't... it was scheduled as the A5000 (indicating the Axxxx is the APS-C range) and then renamed back to NEX (indicating that the Axxxx range will not contain Rangefinder cameras)

The same can be said about Nikon or Canon.  How does one know if the lens they are going to get is going to work on their full frame camera?  I don't understand your logic here.  The person dropping over 2 grand on a camera and lens is probably going to have a good idea as to how to find out.

As far as camera names, the number/naming scheme is always changed.  Nikon D90 became D7000 which is a higher number than D700 so you might figure it is higher end.  And what about the D4, that's a low number, it must be junk.

Sony's number makes no sense really, especially with the NEX line so abandoning this is of no issue.  As far as the a5000 thing?  who knows if this was just an internal number or they pulled the name back because they knew they decided to go with A7/r for the new full frame cameras.  You are reading way to much into this given nothing was ever official.

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