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Re: A monstrosity? Yeah sure.

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Stopped reading after this gem: "In my mind Nikon did Hasselblad Lunars with Df. An ordinary DSLR coated into a fancy cupcake of dials everywhere."

The comparison isn't remotely close considering the Hasselblad Lunar is just a Sony NEX7 with different styling and a wood grip for $7000 while the Nikon Df built from the ground up by Nikon, modeled after an earlier version of their own classic cameras.

I don't know anyone who thinks of exposure dials as "fancy cupcake dials", but that analogy was downright silly considering how fast those "cupcake dials" are to work with out in the field.

But I did skim to the conclusion which was fairly predictable: the reviewer couldn't get on with the A7R because he needs his DOF. Do you think it's possible that he doesn't know that smaller apertures will increase DOF on all cameras?

I think you are being a bit unfair to the author. Hyperboles aside df, from all I've read does seem to have a bit of an identity crisis. And having dedicated dials as well as dslr style dials does seem to point to laziness on the designers side to not think if the user experience but rather cram as much buttons and dials as possible onto the body.

And I'm sure Pekka being a professional photograoher understands how dof and aperture works, though I think that comment was a bit more on the joking side. Still, it's the truth about the delicate balance of stopping down to get enough dof versus keeping a high enough shutter speed and low enough ISO that for many using m43 strikes that ideal balance.

Spot on… Sony should have put in IBIS.. and IMHO the DF is a monstrosity,

I personally don't know many photographers who would purposely choose an A7 or EM1 over the above "monstrosity" for any other reason than size. The fact is the Nikon Df is the smallest, lightest FF DSLR on the market and it has a stylish looking weather sealed casing. Besides, far less enthusiast and professional photographers are as obsessed with camera size as some of you seem to think.

Looks great Marike, but no one wants one…

I get that YOU don't want one. But to say that "no one wants one" is pure fantasy.

On Nikon Df announce day and the day after almost 50% of all camera searches and click throughs on DPR were for the Nikon Df. No other camera in recent memory or perhaps ever has seen anywhere near 45% of clicks on Top Cameras on DPR.

Amazon took so many orders for the Nikon Df that it's no longer listed on their website, that's how few people want one. lol.

The RX1 is a nice camera, but not nearly as versatile as a camera like the Df. EVFs have a small number of advantages but I think you'll find that the majority of amateur and professional photographers still prefer a proper Optical VF like the bright Pentaprism VF in the Nikon FFs.

Let me rephrase that, no one in this thread seems to want one or is promoting the DF except for you…you are a big Nikon advocate like Sergey, and I understand that, but many folks over here could really care less, about a retro, dial intensive DF...

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