Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

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Re: On Second Thought

Hulamike wrote:

I can tell you've never been in business for yourself because if you don't believe that Nikon's not watching the bottom line, you're mistaken. Of ourse Nikon must avcount for its R&D costs, any business or company must before they can declare a profit.

When compact camera dales have fallen off a cliff, and the whole interchangeable lens camera market is shrinking - which it currently is, and Nikon's market share has also been declining - they need to go after every profitable niche they can think of - even ones they may not have considered worthwhile in better times.

The "luxury" market is much more impervious than the regular consumer market is to tough economic times.  In this economic climate I'm only surprised that Nikon didn't make this particular camera even more exclusive and more expensive than they did.

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