Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

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Re: Econ 101

Apollo18 wrote:

Hulamike wrote:

Basic market pressure works like this. If your new product has limited appeal, you must charge more for it to cover R&D and generate a profit. Fewer sales x higher price = profitability.

If your product has mass appeal, you can charge a lower price to generate a profit because youll make it up in volume.

Econ 101 like I said.

Sorry, I think this does not make sense, as it assumes that customers are willing to pay the higher price without a drop in sales. It has nothing at all to do with r&d costs, which customer care nothing for.

As I, and others here have suggested, I think the fact that the target market are willing to pay this highly inflated price is the real reason why the price is set high.

Not so basic, I'm afraid.

With "luxury" products you can't make the price cheaper than an ordinary product - or it no longer seems like a "luxury" item. They are trying to appeal to older enthusiasts who want to pamper themselves with a very nice camera - but don't need, or want, all the features of a "pro" DSLR.

On specs alone - or if you are looking for the best camera for your buck - the D610 or D800 are far better deals. But that is not what this camera is about.

Who knows, perhaps they also hope to tempt back a few of those old Nikon shooters who once switched to Canon in droves - but still fondly remember their old Nikon SLR.

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