HUGE Df Apology!

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Re: HUGE Df Apology!

MoreorLess wrote:

To be honest its really no worse than much of the anti side we've seen.

Well to a certain extent it is, folks who use words like "hater" for those who don't share the same opinion are not exactly deep thinkers.

MoreorLess wrote:

The problem the Df really has I'd say is that it falls between fanboy battle lines. On one side you have users of Nikon's standard DSLR's who have long defended there control system and wanted a "cheap D4" and on the other you have mirrorless users angry at a DSLR going after their "patch". Its a camera destined to be hated by pretty much everyone here but those who actually buy it.

Not certain it impinges on mirrorless territory as it brings none of the mirrorless benfits to the table. What it does bring is a cheap D4 sensor & a passe control scheme. If that's your thing knock yourself out but it's not going to appeal to anyone who's shopping mirrorless stuff like Sony's A7.

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