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Sony has OSS lenses

Peng Bian wrote:

Stopped reading after this gem: "In my mind Nikon did Hasselblad Lunars with Df. An ordinary DSLR coated into a fancy cupcake of dials everywhere."

The comparison isn't remotely close considering the Hasselblad Lunar is just a Sony NEX7 with different styling and a wood grip for $7000 while the Nikon Df built from the ground up by Nikon, modeled after an earlier version of their own classic cameras.

I don't know anyone who thinks of exposure dials as "fancy cupcake dials", but that analogy was downright silly considering how fast those "cupcake dials" are to work with out in the field.

But I did skim to the conclusion which was fairly predictable: the reviewer couldn't get on with the A7R because he needs his DOF. Do you think it's possible that he doesn't know that smaller apertures will increase DOF on all cameras?

I think you are being a bit unfair to the author. Hyperboles aside df, from all I've read does seem to have a bit of an identity crisis. And having dedicated dials as well as dslr style dials does seem to point to laziness on the designers side to not think if the user experience but rather cram as much buttons and dials as possible onto the body.

To have two ways to set exposure on the Nikon Df is not an "identity crisis" at all, it's just that Nikon had a duty to support modern AF-S G Nikkors which do not have aperture rings. AF Nikkors are what the overwhelming majority of Nikon users own. So if the Nikon Df didn't have command dials Nikon AF users would have no way to change aperture. So instead of making a totally niche all manual camera that ONLY works with mechanical aperture AI Nikkors, they made a camera that can work with ALL Nikkors and therefore appeal to a larger number of Nikon users.

And I'm sure Pekka being a professional photograoher understands how dof and aperture works, though I think that comment was a bit more on the joking side. Still, it's the truth about the delicate balance of stopping down to get enough dof versus keeping a high enough shutter speed and low enough ISO that for many using m43 strikes that ideal balance.

Yes, the second part of my comments I was sort of joking (see the smiley face), but honestly anyone who has ever used a FF knows they offer tremendous flexibility for DOF control. And choice of deep or shallow DOF is mostly subject dependent, i.e. I don't know too many m43 photographers who ALWAYS shoot at f13 or f16 because they want as much DOF as possible. There are tons of situations where shallow DOF and subject isolation is desirable.

His conclusion of "No image stabilization and bigger sensor leads into a lot higher ISOs than I am now using with E-M1" doesn't take into account the huge 2 EV high ISO advantage that the A7 has over the EM-1. It also puts far too much emphasis on handholding and too great of importance of IBIS with little consideration that the A7R offers the 24-70 f/4 OSS (Optical Stabilization System) as well.  And he seems to forget the fact that most enthusiasts and pros aren't limited to handholding and frequently use a tripod shooting landscapes with a 36 mp FF cameras (or any camera).

And he seems to want to use IBIS to minimize the significance of the A7r's huge high ISO advantage again by putting too much emphasis on handheld shooting and the need to get a fast enough shutter speeds. The problem with this approach in his review is the fact that IBIS is only really useful for static subjects as it doesn't freeze subject movement, and as mentioned, the fact that the Sony A7R also has available Image Stabilized lenses like the Sony/Zeiss Vario Tessar 24-70 f/4 OSS (seen below).

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