HUGE Df Apology!

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Re: HUGE Df Apology!

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Naturally, some adults just can't accept the facts.


And you seem to fit into that category.

To be honest its really no worse than much of the anti side we've seen.

The problem the Df really has I'd say is that it falls between fanboy battle lines. On one side you have users of Nikon's standard DSLR's who have long defended there control system and wanted a "cheap D4" and on the other you have mirrorless users angry at a DSLR going after their "patch". Its a camera destined to be hated by pretty much everyone here but those who actually buy it.

Remember the savaging th D800 got on these forums? we all know the reason for that is that Nikon fanboys had been pushing the "megapixels don't matter" argument for years and suddenly found themselves on the wrong side of the battle lines.

Well said.

And even if you don't have admiration and understanding or need for the D4 sensor in a small body, the Df still begs the question:

"Why has Nikon and Canon been selling me expensive cameras that look like Xbox controllers?"

Maybe for you it does, but it doesn't at all beg that question to me...

The Df looks beautiful and THAT bothers current shooters as well. A D4 is a better camera, but it's looks like a lump next to the Df. On SOME level that is going to bother a lot of shooters no matter how loudly they proclaim, "These are just tools!"

Did you ever stop to think that, for many,  it's the Df that looks like an ugly throwback?  I actually prefer the look and, more importantly, the control scheme and ergonomics of the modern bodies over the "retro" scheme of the Df - Sorry, but I just don't see how it's any more "beautiful"?  Maybe you should stop trying to psychoanalyze others and just admit it's you who is fixated on the "look" of your gear.  There is nothing wrong with that - just stop telling everyone else how they feel.

There's nothing wrong with a tool looking good.

Sure, snd beauty is in the eye of the beholder - and that means very different things to different people.

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