Spinning beach ball on my iMac is driving me nuts.

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andrzej bialuski Senior Member • Posts: 2,703
Spinning beach ball on my iMac is driving me nuts.

Can someone please help me figuring out why my iMac has slowed down to a crawl?

It's a 2006,

20" 2.16 GHZ Imac, running 10.7.5 OS, with 3GB RAM and 36GB still free on its hard drive.

I browse the web frequently, and might have 10 Safari tabs open at any given time. I cleared Safari cache just recently.

When I get to my iMac in the morning (which I usually just let go to sleep overnight, without turning it off), it is very difficult to get it to work again.It wakes up immediately, but forget about accessing any of the open Safari tabs.The spinning ball is telling me: no way Buddy!
I should add that this has been going on for the last 6 months or so, and is getting worse just now.
My remedy is to usually either do a full reboot, or shut down and reopen Safari.
After that, things are good for a few hours, or until it goes back to sleep again.

I will be buying the latest 27" iMac soon, but when I will transfer my HD content, I don't want to transfer the problem too, so its advisable to fix it before I do this.

I also have 3 external USB drives connected to the system
Any solution to this problem?

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