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Re: DSLRs with Hybrid OVF/EVF Viewfinders

Greg Lovern wrote:

Fujifilm already has some interesting hybrid OVF/EVF viewfinders in their X-Pro1 and X100.

I've been spoilt.  I like having adjustable LCD screen that tilts up and down and turns around combined with an EVF that tilts as well.  Diopter adjustment on the viewfinder for those with less than 20/20 vision.  The resolution on the EVF is very good.  The LCD is a touch screen and good resolution as well.  The LCD is a much more accurate live view than I have on the D90 (which is definitely older tech now).  When I change ISO/ speed/ aperature/ whatever it is reflected in what is shown on the screen.  The changes are also reflected in the viewfinder.

People are getting hung up on an OVF/ EVF.  The mirrorless is a fraction of the size of the DSLR which makes it more convienient to carry.  That single fact will be a major factor for most people to go partially mirrorless (many will have a DSLR as a second camera) at least at some point.

Look at Kodak for an example of what happens to companies if they don't make good choices.  I'd be supporting both groups as well as I could if I was a camera company (no brand mentioned).


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