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Re: Basic error

Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

Several people have been playing around with a Rasberry Pi camera board and installing them on 35mm and cropped lenses using 100mm and 200mm FL. You would be amazed with the detail that is being reached with these setups It would equate to a 225mp cropped sensor so I see no reason why you would not see an improvement in IQ with a 2X tc on a 60mp cropped camera body over just cropping

I'm one of those people, although I think the PiCamera has a cropfactor of 10, so when filling a 35mm frame with that pixel density would give yo 10x10x5=500MP.

The first image is an overview of the scene shot @41mm (didn't have a 50mm image at hand). Look at the utter right to see where the crop (second image) has been taken:

I then mounted the camera sensor from the Raspberry Pi behind a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D and shot an image @ f/4 (diffraction wil start @f/2.8 I think). Below you see a 100% crop of the center and next to it the size a likewise crop from a 36MP image should have been (select view original for full size):

It's obvious there's more detail than a blown up image from a 36MP sensor could give. There's some noise (already used some quick noise reduction) but it starts to look good. The above image was taken from RAW to circumvent the heavy built-in jpeg processing on the Raspberry Pi.

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