D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Mikael Risedal wrote:

dont understand what you are trying to tell me, one of the reason Nikon does better is a a steeper, thicker color filter than Canon have and red does not go towards orange as one example

The human color vision "suffers" from the same "problem":

Source: Wikipedia

For accurate color reproduction, you want the three spectra to span the human vision 3D space (see this). For smooth tonality, you want something more, which roughly speaking depends on the largest eigenvalues of the color matrix. It is not that simple though because we are more sensitive to errors in some colors (like skin tones) than others. Only a psychophysical approach can answer this (they mention this in a different context).

Nothing wrong with the DXO measurements, they just do not mean what you think they do.

what do I think they do? I know people who has measuring the CFA and the response in day light and Canon have change their filter during the years several times  , make them thinner to gain light and the color accuracy is not high  in Canons CFA  as in  Nikon CFA

Study the subject please before you are telling me what Im thinking

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