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Re: Horses for courses ...

bigpigbig wrote:

I mis-wrote. I meant to say tracking during AF-C shooting will never be as fast.

The way I understand it, the DSLR has two sensors, one for image capture and one for focusing. The mirroless camera can not focus while capturing an image, the DSLR can not focus while the mirror is up. But, the mirror returns faster than the mirrorless camera can switch from capture for focus.

I could be wrong. I hope I am.

The SLR has a separate lower resolution sensor that can be read faster but that yields its own issues.  For one thing, since it's on a different path it needs to be "tuned" the other sensor and to the lens.  Two, because it has less pixels it can't be as intelligent and has limits to face recognition and ability to focus on say the closest eye.

Computers keep getting faster and engineers are figuring out ways to get the data off higher resolution sensors faster.  I suspect someday these advances will make mirrorless cameras as fast as today's SLR's.  The Olympus E-M1 is amazingly fast...nearly SLR like.  Give it a few more years.

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