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funny but way too theoretical...

PixelMover wrote:

...if all these backseat 'camera designers' and 'managers' would actually put their money where their mouth is...

Why don't you start your own DSLR camera company.
You all seem to know exactly what 'we' want.
You know so much better than Nikon.
You all think you can make a better, smaller, faster Df for a grand less at half the weight, 2 card slots and still make a profit.

You know all the lenses we want and you know how much cheaper they should be.
Can't wait! Bring. It. On.

DO IT. Kickstart it. Ask Dragon's Den. Get a sugardaddy. Go and show us how brilliant you are and how stupid Nikon is. Aptina will happily sell you sensors if you buy enough.

I dare you to even design one on paper that actually works and fits all the electronics in a smaller body that is still simple enough to produce/assemble and still sturdy and durable.

How about you gut your D600 and try to squeeze all of that into a Nikon FM, since that is what you all seem to think Nikon should've done. Have a go. It'll be fun.

Do you guys REALLY think Nikon didn't consider ALL those things you are crying, cursing and moaning about? If it's not there, it is not there for a very good reason.

But if you are so convinced you can do better, let me get you started by suggesting some brand names:





Olyny (my favourite)

Go on then.... off you go. Make history instead of hysteria.

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Hey PixelMover - you make sense on the fact that no camera will ever feel "perfect" to most people.


- you do not make sense, to me at least, on criticizing the critics. I think that criticism is a core factor behind progress. Ideally, constructive criticism but even even negative criticism is useful. As Shaw put it: "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

- you do not make sense at all, again to me at least, on the economics. Big cameras with big sensors and needing big lenses are a very narrow niche, and a fast shrinking niche, too. So I'm not sure what the average VC or PE fund would risk investing there - unless perhaps in a company aiming at pure luxury, like Leica (but with the risk that it can take quite some time to establish a comparable reputation and be able to command similar prices).

- I think that I least the example of the "1" suggests that no, Nikon does not always very clearly consider things even as basic as body ergonomics, or whether there is a market, or opening price points. But hopefully for the Df a better team was at work.

- at leasts the Sony example, suggests that IF YOU DO AWAY WITH AN OVF, it is quite possible to pack a 24x36 sensor inside a much smaller body than a Df.

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