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Re: + 1: Black Magic Cinema Camera Says Hello

Canadianguy wrote:

Common thread to me appears to be - build for the commercial market - ignore the consumer market - the rich folks with money to burn will buy your commercial products.

No need to market to the retail consumer - they will just complain that your product costs too much.

For camera bodies Nikon started out with only the S and SP rangefinder bodies with a (near) Contax mount, and then the F and Nikkomat. Everything was built well and many of those cameras are still working today.

Nikon really started to cater to the mass consumer market in 1979 with the launch of the Nikon EM and their E-series lenses.

If you wanted to start a camera company today I'm sure you could buy image sensors from Sony / Aptina / Toshiba / etc.; image processors from  Toshiba; shutter assembly from Seiko; EVF from Epson; use an embedded Linux distribution or Android for your operating system; other people would license you code for processing RAW or JPEG - if it isn't already available open source.

Put an F-mount (which is probably out of patent) on the camera and you wouldn't have to worry about lenses.

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