D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Re: D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Here is the link of the RAW file. It actually a bit underexposed. I should give a bit more exposure such as +1/3 EV (as the highlight, the hotel I stayed in the Cape Town is not really overblown). It's a snapshot from early morning walk at the Nobel Square (4 statues are just behind me).

Ron, give a try ...

Thank you sir. I just upped the exposure enough to see detail in the tree and this is what I got.

Again, I am not knocking the Canon cameras. I have always really liked them. It's just that they do not do a good job at capturing the whole DR of the scene. Unless you want to be liberal with N.R., which makes the effective resolution lower...

Click on "original size" below the image to see at 100%. There is a lot of noise there IMO. It's no better than the sample I posted. Not the end of the world, but it does not come close to the Nikons.

Here is my processed 100% cropped in full-size. Better to download to view.

screenshot of the above portion in the darkest shadow in entire photo

The reality is that such very contrast scenes only take 5% or less in my total photos. This one is a snapshot otherwise not even worth to save (just for a view of the hotel - Queens Victoria I lived during visit). In other normal scenes, I need much less process.

That's why I suggest you to post your raw file somewhere and let me or somebody else for a try.

Any one can make a high-contrast scene taken with a Canon look bad. You show that there is no reason to create the noise. Here is another take on the same picture. My white balance is a little different than yours.

The composition is not all that great, but not horrendous noise, either. And reasonably sharp, I think.

No one is denying that the Sony sensors have more DR. But to claim that Canon pictures are doomed to horrendous noise in deep shadows is simply false. I don't mind shadows being black. It gives more punch to the picture. If you really need HDR, than go ahead and shoot HDR.

Too bad about the poorly shot picture of the kid with the curly hair. On close inspection, it looks like there is a huge flare circle on the back of his head. I'm surprised that that picture will actually be published. If the Sony sensors do a good job on pictures like that, then that is what the OP should be using. Personally, I try to avoid situations like that, and if I do happen to take one of those shots, it goes in the trash. Still, I'm left with lots of pictures without problems.

This really is a discussion between people with different workflows arguing about whether the other's workflow is any good or not. As has been noted, DPP hides a lot of the issues by selective and involuntary application of NR, as do most of the commercial raw converters (they wouldn't thrive if they produced apparently worse results than Canon). My own workflow uses RPP, an independent raw processor which applies no NR. For my studio work, I end up doing a lot of PP, simply to produce the output that is needed. Routinely with that, using the 5D the blacks get patterned and noisy at 100 ISO. With the D800 they don't. Now, I can spend some time applying NR to the 5D images and get some nice results - but not having to speeds my workflow and I do get more detail in the dark bits of the image. That's just me and my workflow, there is absolutely no reason why others should adopt my workflow, but also no reason that I should have to adapt mine to the inadequacies of the camera, when there are cameras that don't need it. I think this blind spot for Canon has likely led to almost the complete loss of the studio FF market that they used to own with the 1DsII and III, first to the D3X, and now to the D800 and coming soon the A7r (which looks like a very good studio tool and will shoot with Canon lenses).

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