EM1 better than Sony A7(as a System)?

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Re:does it even matter ?

Harold66 wrote:

ianbrown wrote:

Like many I have a real dilemma about which one to buy?

I had an EM1 for a week and when I found out the A7 was about to be launched I sold the EM1, however after thinking long and hard about the two cameras I am starting to think that the lens options on the EM1 are swaying my decision, but can I resist the FF.

does it matter. whichever you decide between the two , it looks like than in 6months from now ( or less) you would have something less

I mainly do Landscape and travel and I have been used to FF cameras in the past but really want to reduce the size where I can but without reducing IQ too much?

Anyone else have this dilemma ?

I do not think it is a dilemma , more a never ending need to get the latest stuff. changing gear every month is one of the best WAYS to make sure one's photographic skills do not improve

some of us here , even it is a minority it seems actually care less about the cameras and lenses than the images it produces

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I take your point and yes I do like the latest cameras but I do use them as you will see below

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