58mm f/1.4G bokeh

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Re: 58mm f/1.4G bokeh

Hi Michael,

These images are amazing!  I did have a question about your reference to the 105/135DC lenses.  I just went through all of the images on your website (and almost every post on your blog!), and I was wondering which lens you use most for your outdoor, golden hour shots?  I have an 85 f/1.8G, which is more than sharp enough (almost too sharp and contrasty for "people" pictures), but doesn't allow me (even at f/1.8) the same kind of "smoothness" to your portraits.  There are so many conflicting opinions of the DC lenses online (the ones concerning slow, inaccurate focus worry me the most), but I'd love to get your opinion of them.  I'd love to rent one, but I can't find one in Hawaii.  Thanks for your time!


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