X-Trans for commercial work

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Re: X-Trans for commercial work

hexxthalion wrote:

hellocrowley wrote:

Lovegrove is a master and also a great businessman. I'd be shocked if he didn't have a contract with Fuji And he's still keeping his 5D2 + lenses.

I guess you should really dig deeper into his articles and how he started to use Fuji, there was no involvement from Fuji.

I noticed that it's quite often assumed on these boards that if a successful professional photographer uses Fuji camera(s) he must be paid by Fuji - ridiculous at best

You clearly don't know how business works. I worked with many bands/guitar players, if they're any good, most of their gears will be endorsed. It'd be very silly of them to not seek endorsement. Lovegrove might have no involvement with Fuji when he started with the X100 but now you can't pull up any article from him without seeing praises of X equipments. He himself stated that he's a business man first and photographer second.

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