How good is 24meg realy ?

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Re: How good is 24meg realy ?

Hi afterswish,

Thanks.  Yes, you're quite correct.  I used mpx increase as a substitute for resolution, which was wrong.  It takes 4X to double the linear resolution.

So what step up is worthwhile?  My argument was that 16mpx APSC to 36mpx FF (for me) was a significant improvement.  I think the maths is that that increase would give a 1.5X increase in resolution.  A 50% increase.  Worth having?  A personal decision.  Consider an alternative......  If a Pentax bought out a new lens in a popular FL, with a measurable 50% increase in resolution right across its image circle, would people buy it?  No doubt in my mind - they'd sell like hot cakes.

While resolution increases aren't linear, I think we need to be careful of falling into the trap of saying that an increase in mpx is only X% so it isn't worthwhile.......  If we went from the istD at 6mpx to the K3 at 24mpx, there's a quadrupling of the mpx, and therefore a doubling of resolution.  But I don't think any-one would argue that the K10, K7, and K5 didn't feature worthwhile increases in between.  (I know that there are many other considerations like sensor improvements, camera features, performance and so on, but I think people still appreciate the extra resolution).

Cheers, Rod

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