Please share your EXR RAW/Jpeg experiences...

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Re: Please share your EXR RAW/Jpeg experiences...

carlos roncatti wrote:

cantanima wrote:

Typically, I shoot JPG+RAW, and I often keep the JPGs, but they are made according to certain settings. Sometimes I may want to tweak something from my default settings, such as softening shadow and/or highlight tones, or changing film simulation and noise reduction, as the situation warrants.


thinking that way, it is a option to decide later what to do with the file, true...

Here's an example. For various reasons, I had my default film simulation set to Astia (Soft, best for portraits) when I took a photo of some leaves. The in-camera Raw processor let me switch the film simulation to Velvia (high saturation, good for landscapes, foliage, etc.) and lower the highlights for much more pleasing picture (IMHO). Notice how the sky & leaves change from a yellowish tint in Astia to something nicer in Velvia.

You could do this in postprocessing software (though I'm not sure whether even the bundled Silkypix can match the film simulation), but:

  • I was able to see & do it on the TV (or camera, but TV is better);
  • the most common & important adjustments I need are easy to find;
  • I'm using Fuji's on-camera algorithms, which seem to be the best by far.
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