D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Re: D610 vs. 5D Mark III

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

So your OP was not about better sharpness, less noise, etc., it was about all that in the deep shadows only. You think that thousands threads about DR are not enough?

You do understand that it involves the entire tonal range....primarily midtones...,not shadows.

I understand that away from the deep shadows it is negligible, and I understand that the thread degenerated into an extreme shadow pulling to prove the difference. We all know that Canon's sensor has a higher read noise, we know that in some situations it is important not to have it, this is old news. There is no evidence presented in this thread that the D610 had better midtones, or more resolution there. I am not even saying that this is not true. This is a repetition of thousands of other DR threads, but it was presented at the beginning as something different.

Lets just agree that all systems pushed to their limits in different ways will be exposed for different weaknesses. When you are a Canon shooter defensive about noisy shadows and DR and low DxOMark rating, just say its 'not about the numbers'. And if you are a Nikon shooter defensive about the price performance of some of the latest gear...also just reply its 'not about the numbers'.


Because I've seen in plain sight that yes Canon's expensive 5DMKIII does have noisy shadows and banding when pushed to its limit and Canon owners will somehow be defensive about that. And the newest Nikon 58mm 1.4 pushed to its limits (i.e. shot wide open), looks like a cheap lens to me instead of a $1600 one (and I thought this looking at full-size examples not Roger's test results), and Nikon users will be defensive about that. So lets just say its not about the numbers and leave it at that?

As much as Canon continues to make old-fashioned sensors...Nikon hasn't impressed me so much in certain lens offerings (their 85mm 1.8G remains the one lens I can covet and their 50mm 1.8G is probably better than Canon's 1.8, but besides that...).

I'm excited about the rumors of new lenses out of Canon...all of their recent lens debuts have been certainly impressive if you do care about numbers (and if expensive have been on sale now and then). Nikon's D610 is a good camera if your hand melds with the grip I'd say, but the D600 non-admittance of issues, Nikon DF, and 58 1.4 releases put me in wait and see mode for Nikon.

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