New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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Re: New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

parallaxproblem wrote:

I can't insert the link here, but if you go to SAR and look at the comments under the latest A3000 article you will see the following:

@admin “I am pretty sure more of this kind of DSLR shaped E-mount cameras will come in 2014″ form Infos from your sources or it is a “felling”?

Reply (from admin): sources

Do you love Sony enough to suffer lugging around an A3000 type monster around as your next camera?

NEX3 is different from NEX5 which is different then NEX6 and Nex7 which are all different then A7 which is different then A3000. Sony makes many different style bodies in all of its lines, In the cybershots there are T series,w series,  and H series and RX series (I'm sure I'm forgetting some). Sony is about trying to capture as much of the market as they can.   the A3000 is aimed at the uninformed american market that assumes that the bigger the camera the better the pictures and is probably cheaper to make then the SLT models. Question, If Ford designs a new sports car, should we assume they wont ever change the F150? They are different lines with different refresh timelines!.   The 5T was just released this year and guess what, my 5n that I bought new just a couple years ago is already 3 generations old. Honestly, I wish they would stop pushing new models out year after year just to keep gear junkies from getting the DT's. When I had my Minolta 7d I used it for 5 years without even a thought of upgrading and at that time the new camera MP count had almost tripled, Live view came into existence and AF speed/accuracy went off the chain! What could possibly improve so much on a new RF styled Alpha 3/5/6/7/? that would make it worthy to throw away a $1000 camera to spend another $1200-$1500 on a new one.  This constant model refresh cycle makes your old cameras worth nothing fast! thank God the lenses hold value.  I do understand your fears though. I had much of the same sick feeling when Sony bought Minolta. I was sure that all of my lenses would be garbage, I assumed sony was going to make the DSLR into a video focused camera and swore I wouldn't invest any money in sony ever!. I caved when the 7d failed and got an a500  and then a couple years later was seduced by the NEX line. I sold the DSLR  thinking I would still use the glass but found the lenses were collecting dust and  eventually sold off all the AF glass. It was not painful at all. If the mount survives you can sell (for some loss, of course) and find a system that's right for you. Sounds like you like new cutting edge stuff anyways.

And as for your question, No I don't love Sony that much. so if the A3000 is the only new camera available. I'll still use my 5n till it breaks or buy a used RF style alpha  or maybe do what it sounds like you will do and vote with my feet (you really don't lose that much when you sell lenses and the body is already worth nothing) Any way I wish you the best of luck whatever your choice is. Just remember,cameras are just things, we should use things not love them.


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