PEF or DNG - which RAW format do you prefer?

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Re: PEF is 14-bit, DNG is up to 32-bit

Leandros S wrote:

Barry Pearson wrote:

Leandros S wrote:

Yes, but the colour profile used to process the DNG isn't quite right yet, either (don't know which one it's actually using - probably sth completely generic). I suspect both of those things will arrive at the same time.

When Adobe hasn't got its own colour profile, and isn't given one by the user, it will use the embedded profile in a DNG. This is put there by (say) the K-3 itself - it isn't "generic"(whatever that means!)

Well, it seems that Adobe's profiles are tuned differently than the embedded ones, b/c if you import a K-3 image through ACR and do the same with one from a K-5 II, same test scene, you end up with some surprisingly different colours, esp. in the reds. Try the IR test scene images for a bit of "fun"...

I use my own profiles. I don't trust either Pentax embedded profiles or Adobe profiles. But I have examined the IR test scene DNGs for both the K-3 and K-5IIs in Lightroom, using embedded profiles in both cases, and A3+ prints from them are reasonably close. They are not identical, and I suspect the test scene illumination was slightly different for the two cameras.

I use ColorChecker Passport to try to make all my cameras as similar to one-another as possible. Just as I use my own printing profiles rather than relying on downloaded profiles.

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