New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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Re: Let's stop negative speculation

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This is all negative speculation.

Think carefully. Sony has not abandoned its customers and many here believe it won't.

I'm an A900 FF OVF DSLR owner from just after product launch (purchased December 2008)... Sony has abandoned me twice already! (three times if you also include the flash mount alongside the OVF and the FF sensor)

Your flashes and OVF stopped working?    You mean a new camera has a different hot shoe and EVF. Can't you use an adapter for the flash?


But the people who make those decisions won't care about that. As far as Mr Maki is concerned the QX range is a huge success because it generated a lot of pre-orders. We know the idea is rubbish and doesn't really work in practice but that doesn't matter since the initial pre-sales and sales figures at launch looked good and so Mr Maki has already moved on. What happens in terms of product sales afterwards, or lost revenues from RX100II or WX150 sales that didn't happen because people bought the QX instead etc etc. is not relevant and somebody else will catch the heat for that

Mr Maki even laughed publicly at his boss for asking who would want this new product... nothing is allowed to get in the way of 'innovation', however destructive that innovation may eventually turn out to be

It's daring for a company to risk competing with it's own products. With more conservative thinking, we would have gotten a 1" sensor or something otherwise lame.

Why would it bother you if someone gets a QX camera instead of a WX150?  It's the customer's money.

Incedentally, when it does come to sell-offs one of the first will probably be me - as well as my NEX's I have a lot of high-value A-mount stuff and no obvious replacement body for my A900. NEX together with emotional attachment to Minolta was keeping me in Sony but if that's gone... If I was greedy I'd be trying to talk things up in order to shift my gear for a good price while I still can, but I'm not like that... I'm not so sure of some of the others here, however


If nothing has changed then why don't Sony confirm this? Currently there is no confirmation (and here you can see the delusion of some of the people posting on this forum immediately)... which can only be because either:

1. Cancelling the NEX brand name means no changes to the range, but Sony don't care enough about their customers to explicity state this (ie. Sony don't care about us)

2. Sony are unable to make any statements becaue they have no idea what they are going to do in the future (ie. Sony are totally lost)

3. There has been a change indicated by dropping the NEX name and future models will not be the same as before, but Sony do not want to tell us that because they know we won't like it if they do admit it (ie. Sony have abandoned us)

I do not see any other options. Please note that I do not believe the nonsense spoken about Sony being 'frightened of telegraphing their plans to their competitors' (as if their competitors don't know them already!), a general statement could easily notify customers that there would be ongoing continuity of some of their future products with many existing NEX bodies without revealing any details or secrets

Why couldn't they have some cool designs and not want to signal their plans?  The GX7 seems to be an attempt to copy Nex, so they are always going to be behind, following.

So which of the final three options is it? Sorry that none of them seem positive, but the options are basically as stated

So what are you suggesting should be said instead?

- 'We like our NEX and look forward to seeing new models'? There aren't going to be any more NEX models

- 'We like our NEX and look forward to seeing A series models which are similar'? The NEX-5T was going to be called the A5000, and then the name got changed to NEX

- 'We like our NEX and look forward to seeing A series models which are similar even though there almost was one but it got renamed to NEX at the last minute in spite of the fact that name was about to be discontinued... but we still want to see more like that model please but called A series this time' Yeah, right!

I think I get your frustration. You were a Minolta user and bought an advanced Sony DSLR when Sony took over the Minolta line and released new cameras. You felt the switch to translucent mirror A99 has left you without a choice of upgrade more or less exactly like the camera you had. You do not think an electronic viewfinder is an upgrade to an optical one. You can still use your Alpha mount lenses with the A99 but this is not suitable for you. You wish Sony would continue the old tradition with minor incremental changes just like Nikon has done with its expensive pro models.

And with ILCs carefully positioned to not compete with the cash cow. Which is as big as a cow. I mean really, if you're happier with the signals you get from Canikon, why stay with Sony, tilting at windmills and forums?  Just get a reliable brand that also doesn't give you what you want.

I do not get any of your speculations about Sony executives etc. Other people have said enough. I just don't think inside Sony a mid-level exec can mess up a division and not face the consequences later on.

The reason I am saying " let's not spread negative speculation." is because negativity tends to discourage both regular forum users and anyone wanting to join and learn about the E-mount cameras. Forum members are largely here to discuss, help and enjoy exchanges about their cameras and lenses. New threads popping up every few days by the same small group of posters about the same negative points are just boring. And if you are wondering why you got the short shrift from some early responders to this thread, it is because they knew this was going to be the same old.

Worst-case, it can discourage sales, meaning less future development.

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