D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Re: D610 vs. 5D Mark III

ron purdy wrote:

qianp2k, yes for a while I was not seeing the banding issue with this camera. That is because Digital Photo Pro does a better job with the noise and banding (it has always on NR) but it also removed a LOT of fine details so I use it only rarely now.
As for your samples, I do not see any 100% crops from recovered shadow areas without NR applied. am I missing something? (maybe I just can't tell as I am now on looking on a cell phone browser at the moment.)

*If you will, please post a RAW file from that one of the van parked in front of the stone wall.


This is precisely the reason I only use DPP.

My 5D3 clearly produces noiser shadow when use in 100-400 ISO range than my former D800.

I did not have to do extreme shadow pulling like some of fanboys in here are suggesting that is needed to see the difference.

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