"I am selling my Nikon gear"

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Re: "I am selling my Nikon gear"

Gooutside wrote:

I think a lot of amateur photographers, myself included only want to have one system. It simply feels wasteful to have two.

Wasteful with two systems? Heck I have four and am salivating at the prospect of a FF MILC like the A7/7r series is delivering.

1. FF DSLRs ultimate IQ and AF speed with incredible lens choices

2. APS-C DSLRs for extra reach and flexibility (swivel screen)

3. mFT for travel and IQ touching on APS-C ability (EM5)

4. compact high end cameras for ultimate carry anywhere convenience (RX-1 RX-100 LX5)

All above formats fill a specific niche and I would be hard pressed to reduce it even three systems.

Notice I am missing Life cameras, Phone cameras, bridge cameras, FF MILC and medium format.

I do have camera phones but they are used only for taking reference photos with. Sometimes however even a high end phone camera is useful when cameras are banned but everybody is allowed to snap away with their phone.

Now that I think of it more there's 3D, Heat sensor, IR, Astro, High Speed, Video, Lytro, Action and plenty more types of specialized cameras.

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