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Re: Just how is it so much superior to a D610? You provide no argument to support that

lancespring wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

Better high ISO (and right out of camera), likely better handling, smaller files, likely better VF and so on. We've been through this. The attack on the Df is in reality a strange defense of the D610.

MY impression of the D610 is that it's a great entry level camera. I like the size, but not the handling. And I don't like the chroma noise that's visible as you push the ISO up.

Your statements here are silly. LIKELY better handling? LIKELY better VF? This is nothing but pure SPECULATION on your part at this point, since the Df is not yet available. And handling can be a most subjective thing to judge.

I guess we'll all see soon enough, right?

Smaller files? Well, the D610's files are smaller than those from the D800 as well.

The D610 is an entry level camera. I don't like the feel of the camera at all, though the size is good. I also don't like the chroma noise at higher ISO. The D610 does not make a lot of sense for a 2nd body. It's FX for the budget buyer.

Well, whoop-de-do for you dude. I have news for you: Most people are shooting 99% of their photos at ISO's below 6400.The D610 is very clean up through ISO 4000. Especially if one shoots RAW. Sure, its ISO 6400 performance may be inferior to the D4's sensor, but so what? Do you think that everyone else obsesses about ISO 6400 so much?

Sir, I'm a working photographer. I shoot RAW, require high ISO at times and don't always need high MP counts. I already own a D800. The D610 is pointless for a D800 owner because it adds nothing but less quality. The Df with a D4 sensor will actually ADD something to a D800 kit.

Somehow this point just flies over the heads of D610 fans.

To most of us that does not matter. While having the extra 8MB of resolution to allow some flexibility in cropping photos is a nice advantage to have.

Have the D800 for higher res and better files than the entry D610 can muster.

Perhaps the Df will be the absolute cat's meow for your personal needs and desires. But don't expect others to be equally impressed. The Df may satisfy a niche market that is far smaller than Nikon believes it to be.


Cat's meow for some us. But the bashing of the camera smacks of something else. Don't like it or need it? Fine. It's not right for everyone.

But as you just demonstrated by the last sentence above, your angry at the Df. Why not tell us why?


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