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Re: Switch from E620 system to m43

chortle123 wrote:

...It does look like there is a lot to be gained now from getting out of the E620 and switching to another m43 camera made from 2012 onwards.

ONLY if you have the right m43 lens to replace a specific 4/3 lens you like. At this time, other than the primes, the only 4/3 lenses which have apples for apples versions in m43 format are the kit lenses (14-42mm and 40-150mm), which are pretty much equal, the 9-18mm (of which the 4/3 version is rumored to be slightly better than the 4/3 one), the 70-300mm (which is matched by the Panny 70-300mm and blown out of the water by the 75-300mm - at 300mm, that is), and to some extent the 12-60mm with the m43 12-40mm. I give just a little bit of a benefit of the doubt to the 12-40mm, as the 12-60mm is not that much to write home about past 40mm, and is probably a hair worse at 12mm. I wouldn't for a second compare the 12-40mm to the 14-35mm SWD.

But that's about it, as far as I can think. Don't jump in before checking the depth

I am going to see if I can get my hands on an EM5 with the 12-50 kit lense to test for a bit. It might be that the combination trounces my E620/14-54 just due to the improved sensor etc.

Don't count on it. The 12-50mm is an incredibly versatile, beautifully finished, cute, and - when sold in kit - inexpensive lens which is a wonderful step up from the 14-42mm kit. But it won't hold a candle to the 14-54mm optically, and is not the lens which will "pull" all there is to "pulled" from the E-M5's sensor. It focuses wicked fast, it is amazingly practical in video, but is just all around good, not excellent. I use it all the time, but for specific uses.

If you have the money to cough up and live in the US, you can get an E-M1 + 12-40mm combo, get your $200 rebate on the 12-40mm and resell the E-M1. You will lose a bit on the resale but not enough to offset the $200.

If not - my take would be :

- Sell eveything 4/3. Separately. In the US, you are looking realistically at $200 (E-620) + $180 (14-54mm) + $300+ (11-22mm) + $200 (70-300mm). If you get $900 for your whole stuff, my choice would be the G5 (for its price, don't pay more than $250 body only, $300 with kit lens, that's what it periodically pops at), then either stay with the kit lens and wait for the prices of the xx-300mm to drop (Zuiko 75-300mm pops up refurbished on a regular basis south of $500), either get one.

Any setup of a high megapixel camera + kit lens will NOT replace your E-620 + 14-54mm quality wise, so you can decide to either keep yours either go for a 12-60mm. It will be of limited use (no sports, kids and pets quite difficult), but will be rewarding on landscapes, and fully reusable when the next PDAF sensored body pops up in the pipeline, be it from Olympus or Panasonic.

What you can also do is just keep everything, get a G5 and an adapter, and see what works for you, if any, from your 4/3 lenses. You have a lot of choices. Including keeping your -620, selling the 14-54 and adding up for a 12-60mm.

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